Nutrition - Why is it important?


Giving your beloved friend the right nutrition will contribute to more lively years and less medical complications later in life.


What are Grains?


Grains are highly complex carbohydrates that hold little to no nutrtional benefits and break down into sugar. These fillers tax the kidneys in stress and water consumption. This can cause dehydration, dry/itchy skin, liver failure, kidney failure, ear infections and other complications.



What are the benefits of Grain-Free Food?


Feeding your Dog or Cat a grain-free diet has multiplle benefits including:


Reduced Risk of YEAST INFECTIONS: Dogs and Cats will excrete excess sugar from the complex carbohydrates through their skin if the need arises. Grain-Free foods reduce the amount of sugar in the foods which in return, causes your furry baby to produce heathier skin and coat oils.


Healthy or loss of WEIGHT: Feeding a grain-free diet limits the amount of 




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