Raw Health Dogs

RAWHEALTH is a Winter Park, Florida-based pet food company dedicated to serving the market with the highest quality RAW Diet natural Pet Foods, and Specialty Treats. Products we are happy to serve our own pets as well as yours. RAWHEALTH is formulated in our dedicated production facility and delivered to Florida Retailers fresh weekly!



After an unsuccessful search for a high-quality commercial pet food that fit our dog’s nutritional requirements, we decided to make our own Raw Diet at home. After some initial experimentation and a lot of research, we produced what would be our first product for test marketing using pets owned by friends & family. The feedback was so positive we founded what was to become the company known as RAWHEALTH today.

Our first commercial success story was a local veterinarian who was so impressed with our food quality and simplified formula, he asked if he could stock it in his two clinics. We said OK, and almost immediately, his clients started cleaning out his freezers on a regular basis. When word got out on the positive results, local Retailers and Breeder Clubs asked if they could stock RAWHEALTH as well. The rest is history.

What everyone liked about our initial product is what pet owners still like today. We use simplified formulas that are 100% natural, and includes only USDA-Inspected Human Grade ingredients to provide 100% true nutrition in every meal!

For more information about us visit our website www.rawhealthpetfood.com